Tesla DeBarros

  • Occupation: USMC, Retired. Full-time Student. Athlete.

  • IG Name: @tesladawn

  • Date Joined Curves: Ambassador- 12/22/18. Athlete- 02/12/19

Why did you join Curves?

I am apart of CNC because I truly love the company, the community, the products and most importantly their message. This company’s values and focus of empowering ALL women, giving back and spreading body positivity are all very extremely important to me as well. I love being apart of something that is so much more than just a pair of leggings.


Lifting, playing with my Pack of German Shepherds, spending time with people who mean the most to me and eating cupcakes.

Something interesting about myself:

I try to use my story to motivate others and show them that you can overcome anything as long as you work hard, do not make excuses and do not throw yourself pity parties. I have wanted to compete in bodybuilding since 2013 but my journey took a bit of a detour when I joined the United States Marine Corps and became severely ill shortly after. I spent 4 years in the Hospital fighting for my life. Last year, at the age of 26 I was medically retired. A mini version of my story is that I went through 4 years of chemo and my body will continue to attack itself for the rest of my life. I train through my legs being paralyzed half the time, frequent black outs, inability to sweat, no surface filling in my extremities, a paralyzed stomach, random organs shutting down, chronic pain and a compromised immune system among many other things. I do not use these as reasons to give up. Lifting has literally saved my life and I will step on stage before the illness kills me or makes me go completely paralyzed. I would like to spend my life and fitness journey showing others that your fate is in your hands and yours only. You get to decide what you are capable of, not an illness, not a doctor, no one but you. I would like to think that is a message that would help a lot of individuals through many different struggles whether it be physical, mental or emotional. I would like to be the person reminding them to suck it up because you are capable of anything just do the work because you have the fight in you.

Favorite Products:

Anything in V4! I  live in my V4!

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